This is the go to site for anyone just setting out in Cyber Security. Real good content for beginners who have no idea where to start. The main content is laid out in courses allowing you to start out with the beginners courses before moving on the more advanced. Some of these are study material for actual industry qualifications, so if you are a complete novice you can start with the CompTIA A+ to learn the basics, and progress to the Network/Security+. Then you will have a solid foundation to move onto the more advanced course material and although alot of the advanced content is not specific to an industry qualification (that’s  not to say that it’s not relevent), it is of a high quality and shows techniques that you will need and use in the real world. The best part of all this is that the site is completely free to use! You can expect to pay between £200-£500 for an online course that teaches CompTIA Security+, and using Cybrary I have saved a fortune in course fees. There is also an Open submission forum where users get the chance to upload content and some of it is amazing as most tends to relate to what is going on today whether it’s a brand new proof of concept or how to setup the latest firewall or HIDS. Do yourself a favour and join up, you’d be crazy not to. Find them here