Add Windows Server to OSSEC

We have already shown how to add linux servers to OSSEC, however we have not yet shown how add a Windows server.

This is just as easy as there is a Windows install package which you can get here:

Download and run the package accepting all the defaults, and you will be greeted with this.

As you can see you need the OSSEC Server IP and the Authentication key, so lets login to our OSSEC Server. Then elevate to run as root, the cd to the correct directory

sudo su
cd /var/ossec/bin/

Then to run the setup script for new clients run


Select ‘a’ from the options and complete the details for the agent by adding the IP address, ID number (which will be suggested) and the name (which can be anything).

Now the agent is added we need to extract the unique key and import it to the agent server.

Select option ‘e’ then make a note of the key or paste it into a file.

When finished select ‘q’ to quit, then logout.

Back on the Windows server add these details to your OSSEC config box shown earlier and select “manage” from the top left of the pop up box and choose restart.

That’s it.

Don’t forget you may need to create a firewall rule on both the Host and your firewall. Open the OSSEC manager on the agent and go to “view” and “logs” this will tell you if the server and client are connected.